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An examination of the delivery of literacy services at Job Corps Centers (KPMG 2006)

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KPMG (2006). An examination of the delivery of literacy services at Job Corps Centers. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Job Corps.


  • The purpose of the study was to identify areas in which Job Corps can improve its delivery of literacy services. Job Corps is a national program that provides youth with job training skills while they pursue a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED). It also provides career counseling and job placement services following completion of the job training component.
  • The authors primarily analyzed qualitative data collected from site visits to six Job Corps sites across the United States. The visits included interviews with key staff and observations of Job Corps classes. The authors also conducted descriptive quantitative analyses of administrative participant and survey data.
  • The authors made recommendations for improvements in the delivery of literacy services in the following areas: employing certified teaching staff on government pay scales so that they can compete with public school teachers in terms of compensation and benefits; providing additional resources, such as special education instructors, psychologists, and counselors, to allow instructors to devote more time to their classes; and building partnerships and relationships with other educational institutions and the community.

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Job Corps

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June 2014