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Study of Hispanics in Job Corps: 2004-2005 (Garcia 2007)

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Garcia, Y. Study of Hispanics in Job Corps: 2004–2005. Washington, DC: HMA Associates, 2007.


  • This report aimed to explore in greater detail the findings of the National Job Corps Study, an impact study whose final report was published in 2001. Specifically, the authors sought to understand why Hispanic youth did not experience positive impacts on employment outcomes similar to the rest of the study population.
  • Job Corps offers intensive academic classroom instruction and vocational skills training, along with support services, to economically disadvantaged youth.
  • The authors reviewed data on Hispanic youth from the National Job Corps Study, program data, and data from a survey administered in 2004 to Hispanic youth in Job Corps centers. They also conducted site visits to four Job Corps centers, where they interviewed program staff and current and former participants.
  • The study found that Hispanic youth performed well in the Job Corps program, but did not fully leverage the training they received. Many took the first job they were offered in order to start supporting their family immediately instead of expanding their employment search to include more lucrative long-term options. They also limited their search to places of employment where they felt poor English language skills would not constrain them.

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