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Systematic Annual Search and Review Protocol

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  • The systematic annual search and review (SASR) aims to ensure CLEAR includes the most up-to-date literature on topics of interest to CLEAR audiences, including topics with larger and smaller amounts of evidence. To accomplish this, the SASR focuses on identifying labor-related research based on the time period it was released, rather than its topical focus.
  • The SASR identifies causal studies of a range of labor-related interventions—including programs, policies, and strategies, such as employment and training programs, unemployment services, workplace health and safety programs, employment benefits, and workers’ compensation—assesses the quality of causal evidence, and makes this evidence accessible to broad audiences on an annual basis. Causal studies are those that examine the effectiveness of an intervention.
  • The SASR considers as eligible all causal studies on labor-related interventions. CLEAR implements the SASR each year to find the latest research, or may run a search for a time frame of interest to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Eligible studies are then screened for relevance to CLEAR audiences. This screening process includes studies examining interventions across a variety of topic areas. All studies must be published in English.
  • The SASR assesses the strength of a causal study’s design and methodology and rates a study as providing causal evidence that is high, moderate, or low quality.
Released Date
May, 2021