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  • Topic Area: Behavioral Finance: Retirement

    • People have relatively limited knowledge about saving for retirement and can be induced to save more when provided with additional information.

    • Making retirement more salient, by having people think of themselves in retirement or providing a target retirement date, can increase intentions to save and alter investment choices.

    • People can become overwhelmed by the number of investment options they face; when this occurs, they tend to use simple rules to make decisions.

    Tags: Employer provided retirement benefits

  • Saez, E. (2009). Details matter: The impact of presentation and information on the take-up of financial incentives for retirement saving. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 1(1), 204-228.

    Topic Area: Behavioral Finance: Retirement, Behavioral Insights

    Study Type: Causal Impact Analysis

    Causal Evidence Rating: High Causal Evidence